imagesSoul*Sparks Books is a venture of author Steven McFadden and guiding light Elizabeth Wolf. The books in the series strive to deliver insight and inspiration on popular themes through essays by the authors, and quotations and brief excerpts from writers, thinkers, artists, and spiritual savants.

We regard Soul*Sparks as a vivid and compelling name for this series, both fun and meaningful. “Spark” connotes life, warmth, brightness, enthusiasm, creativity, ignition, light, movement, vitality. These qualities have universal appeal. Adults love the spark of attraction, romance, genius, creativity, spiritual fire. From time immemorial humans have prized gleaming, glittering things, like diamonds, gold, and sunlight shimmering upon a lake.

The word “spark” conveys the idea of something small, but active, exciting, and filled with potential. That’s the basic editorial vision we hold for Soul*Sparks Books.

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  1. What a sparkly and inviting discovery! May it fly eternally.

    Love from your admirer,


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